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 Hello again

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Town Chief

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PostSubject: Hello again   Sun Oct 02, 2016 11:10 am

It's 2016, Im sure everyone had gotten on with their lives, worked, lived, gotten settled.
I'm not sure how long this forum service would continue, but I'll be maintaining it till the service goes down.
The game was good when it lasted, and just a week ago, an animation was released for it. it's nice to see the franchise going but sadly kinda late.
Anyway, I hope everyone have had a good year, mine was fine even when I had to drop manythings, monster hunter included.
Hope to see you all sometime.
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A. Kirisame


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PostSubject: Re: Hello again   Wed Jan 25, 2017 10:58 pm

Hiya, I finally managed to find my way back in here again. It's crazy how much time has passed, and how much has the franchise grown since then. Part of me feels sad for not being able to join earlier, as I lacked for a long, long time my way to get back online. I'm glad that at least big oz still goes around here, for however much this site is going to last.

So, oz, if you ever see this: my time on this forum was pretty short, but I still deeply appreciate the aid and support that I've got from you, and the few rest of the community that was still active. People are doing their own thing now, some might have moved on from MH altogether, while others (like myself) still supports and cherishes the franchise. I now even managed to buy myself a 3DS, just to be able to play 4U.

I dunno if I will ever find you around in Gen XX or however is it going to be called the post Gen installment, but if I ever do, I will look forward to see new tips and pro-plays from you, and maybe from other old members from this same place.

May your life be full of enjoyment, happyness, and fulfillment, everyone. Always keep doing what you love most!
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PostSubject: Re: Hello again   Tue Oct 02, 2018 6:40 am

Every now and again memories of this forum come back to me, and looking back it was a time of pure joy and infatuation with MH. From the first foray with MHF2, all the way to MH World and Gen Ultimate I've had a fulfilling experience and continue to thoroughly enjoy the series.

I hope the same goes for the rest, and even if you've fallen out of love with MH on a whole, the memories of the fun that was had lives on.

Thanks to oz for still keeping this place up.
For anyone that still visits, I hope you're having a great life, here's to a lasting happiness ahead.

Just, signing out. o7
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PostSubject: Re: Hello again   

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Hello again
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